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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

I am a seasoned Siebel CRM technical consultant, have been a preacher of Siebel all along. With nature of job role I have been playing recently, I have been convinced  that cloud CRM is not that bad after all and I am committed to give salesforce a shot again.

So I have decided to start learning salesforce and share my learning on this blog. I am planning to complete all trail heads of salesforce in coming few months so you might see lot of activity on this blog.

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  1. Welcome aboard everyone. I am an experienced Siebel developer and over the last year I have been making conversion to Salesforce. It is tough to make the jump. I have been working in the Trailhead environment for about a year and found it helpful in getting my Admin 201 Certification. I have over 25 badges and over 36000 points and am considered a "Mountaneer". I love the Trailhead experience and think it gives you great hands on experience. I just wish the recruiting world would learn what it is. Anyway good luck with your challenge though it seems aggressive. If you learn any good tips for getting a job please let me know.

  2. Thanks reader, thats a good insipiration story!